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"Seattle Dog Walker"

     At Alpha Dog, our goal is to give your dog not only physical exercise, but also a mental workout, social experience and instinct satisfaction.  We typically start our hike with a jog up a hill for a warm up and initial energy release.  This helps your dog focus on the mental aspect of our walk, we communicate with each other with the goal being everyone paying attention to me, ignoring all distractions.  We usually travel along the perimeter of the park in a huge circle, stopping at our favorite spots to check scent and mark our territory.  This satisfies your dogs instinct to roam.  We roam territory at several different parks, giving your dog many different experiences, not the same one every day.

*Many Different Territories To Patrol
     To dogs, territory is a resource; the more territory you patrol, the greater you packs resources are.  We patrol territory at Discovery Park Woodland, Greenlake, Carkeek and the Arboretum.  Our dogs lay scent in all of these areas, and get a chance to sniff who else has been in our territory regularly.  This satisfies your dogs instinct to communicate to the dog world who we are, how we feel, who has been in our territory, and that we have been here too.

*Disease/Dangerous Dog Avoidance
     By avoiding off leash dog parks, we also avoid many dangers such as disease and other dangerous dogs.  According to kirotv, dog parks in Everett have recently been closed due to an outbreak of parvovirus.  A few years back, when we used to frequent off leash parks, I recall that every fall when the parks get muddy all of my dogs got giardia.  Dog fights are common as well.  People bring dogs to the park that haven't been socialized or have excessivley dominant behavior, this often leads to conflict.  We avoid danger and always stay as safe as we can .
*Canine Exclusively
*No Extra Fees
*Unlimited Consultation Included

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